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New and Highlighted Gifts

DNA Phone Case of iPhone
iPhone Case

We just had these phone cases made. Right now, they only fit the Apple phones, specifically the 5, 6 and 6s phones. Each looks like the image above. I must admit that we all get excited when we can offer a good product at a great cost. For instance I have always been hesitant to spend $30 on a case when I am not sure that I will like it. Now, we can offer these to you for just $7.95 per case. We really did get a great deal on them and we are passing that unbelievable deal to you. You do not have to spend a lot to get something fun and novel like this. Choose between an Apple 5, Apple 6 or an Apple 6s case..

32 GB / USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Just recently we have had some new memory sticks made. These are 32 GB of pure DNA memory and they are also USB 3.0 compliant. They come in a lovely gift box and are as impressive as they look. This is one of those gifts that you cannot go wrong with. Just in case you did not see it, there is a 3D helical DNA structure in the glass portion of this memory drive. It shines with an impressive blue, LED light when inserted into a USB port.

DNA Dangly Earrings
Actual DNA Road Sign

This is just about as sharp as they get. Here are a few road signs, just in case you loose your way in the DNA highway of life. They would look good walking into a hallway, above one's office or just about anywhere that you think of. Found only here at The DNA Store.com, these road signs are sturdy. They are identical to the thickness and durability of real road signs (these are real road signs).. These are not inexpensive replicas. They are 16 gauge steel and very heavy! These 6-inch Street Signs, GREEN, ONE-sided, 4-inch Across (High Intensity Prismatic) x 48 inches. The large signs are rather heavy, 3 pounds. They are quality pieces of work.



New Ideas?

We welcome ideas for new products from individuals. Sometimes we stand in the forest and can only see trees - while there is so much more out there. We solicit your help and your imagination for new and novel items. Remember, the best ideas center around DNA. If you have a suggestion, please let us know at suggestions@thednastore.com.


Wired Magazine

Wired magazine recently did an article concerning the Crisper method of genetic manipulation. It goes over concerns and hopes for the new crisper technologies. It starts of by a very quick reminder of the 1975 Asilomar Conference in California. It then quickly goes into the method of genetic engineering resulting from the Crisper-Cas9 gene-editing techniques. Also the Australian Broadcasting Service has a good article on CRISPR.

New Web Site Design

We have just recently done a complete re-design of our web site. It is rather complex and lends itself to the many "small errors" that seem to always come to the surface. Please let us know if you run into any problems with the design and movement within the design. You can email us at sales@thednatore.com.