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This is great stuff. Talk about making a room your own! These images would look great on work rooms, hallways or board rooms. They come in a variety of sizes, all the way from 16 x 20 to a giant 24 x 36 inches. Just for the fun of it we did a small number of images of DNA on a piece of canvas. There is a wood frame inside the canvas. As you can see, further framing is not necessary (although it can easily be done.) It came out better than we ever hoped. This is truly a work of art to be displayed everywhere.

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We must tell you that this is not "cheap'. We supply the images and then send it out to be photographed on canvas and processed. The price of the piece is dependent upon the size of the canvas that the art work is placed. Finally there is a delayed delivery because we send out the image to be done, when it arrives back to us, we then send it to you - so plan on an honest 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of these masterpieces. This cannot be rushed since it involves a 'third party' for the canvas production.

Here are the sizes:

16 x 20 inches..........$189.99

20 x 30 inches..........$229.99

24 x 36 inches..........$249.99

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