We have had made an optical cube with the bust of Gregor Mendel. This 60 mm x 75 x 60 mm solid glass cube contains a stunning image of Gregor Mendel. It is very heavy. The only one of its kind anywhere and exclusively sold here at The DNA Store

Human Chromosome Cube


Chromosome CubeItem SKU: CUBE3

This sculpture is a 3D model laser-etched into an optically perfect crystal. At 3" square, it makes a convenient paperweight. Any who sees this magnificent sculpture will be instantly drawn to it's beauty. One of a kind, this is something you will fall in love with at first sight. This is modeled after actual scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of human chromosomes. These are the real thing.

As a teaching tool, it is beyond description. Just think about looking at the 46 chromosomes and imagining that these 46 chromosomes are in every one of the trillions of cells in your body. What a packaging job. Once you can see the 46 chromosomes, you have an instant appreciation of how each of your cells can package and even use the chromosomes.

As a work of art, this stands by itself. You will love it. They do not come any better than this. Use it as teaching demonstration, or a paperweight, conversation starter, artwork, or just to impress anyone who sees it. You can give this as a wonderful gift to anyone in the field. It will be appreciated fully. We guarantee that you will fall in love with this piece of art.

The DNA Chromosomes shows best against a dark background.

This is one of the most beautiful and unusual gifts you find will anywhere. It can be for the graduate, the retiree of just a wonderful gift for one's birthday or special occasion. You really will not find a more beautiful gift, anywhere.


Do not forget to consider the bases for these cubes.



Chromosome Cube
Chromosome Cube


Base for Crystal Cubes

Cube Bases
Cube Bases
Here is a great base. It is 3 inches x 3 inches x 0.5 inches. There are 12 white LED lights in the center. The base has a dull black finish. This gives an amazing effect: This is a really nice base.

12 LED Base


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