Human Genome Project: Gel Electrophoresis

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Never thought I would be describing gel electrophoresis like this:

A long time ago, the Human Genome Project used 'old fashioned' gel plates to determine the human DNA sequences. The gel plates were then transferred to x-ray plate images.

At The DNA Store, we recently found a number of DNA sequence x-ray plates that were used at one time for the Human Genome Project. They covered human chromosome number 5 and chromosome number 1. Some are 'half' plates, some are full. So here we go...............we are offering them to you for a reasonable fee. You can purchase either a half plate or a full plate. Enjoy the history of electrophoresis.

We really feel that this is the only place, anywhere where you can purchase an actual x-ray plate from the Human Genome Project.

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X-Ray Electrophoresis


Full Plate,
X-Ray Electrophoresis


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