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If you are looking for school, corporate or business gifts, we have specific suggestions for you. Probably the most interesting item is the DNA cube. They come in 4 sizes. The bases that are offered (at the bottom of the web page) are perfect to have a small brass imprinted plaque. One of our customers had an engraved brass plaque made at their local Hallmark store and put it on the side of the black, lighted cube base. They said it looked wonderful.

Second, if this is for males, then take a look at the large selection of DNA ties.

Third, you might want to consider wine glasses. These are new and quite beautiful.

Finally, consider our DNA lights. These are very special and not expensive. They are cool.

Take a look at our 'miscellaneous' page...................there are so many good items here, you will just have fun looking at them.

We do not personalize anything, we only supply the unique items.

DNA Ties
DNA stemmed wine glass
DNA lights
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