Here is one of the most exciting things to come along in a long time. We are now offering two types of DNA puzzles. Both are 300 piece puzzles and fairly good sized, 38 x 26 cm. If you ever wanted to have just plain fun - or want your kids to remember the shape of DNA, this is it.

DNA Puzzles

PuzzleItem SKU: PUZ1

Made for enjoyment and learning this DNA puzzle will be just the ticket for the learning curve. Have fun, enjoy and learn at the same time.

We have got a number of boxes with puzzles - taking up way too much space. If you want to purchase a box of 40 puzzles - you can have them at $99 per box. That is enough for everyone in your class to make a puzzle. If your interest is in this direction, please let us know at

DNA Puzzle 1


DNA Puzzle 2



  Here is a value that is hard to refuse. Select one
of each and only pay $6.85. In other words, you get both
puzzles for this price ($6.85).



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