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White Mitosis Tie

White Mitosis TieItem SKU: TIE9

You had better know mitosis well when you wear this one - a photomicrograph of an onion root tip, Allium sp. Ties are not shipped in a box (unless the box is ordered....see below).

White Mitosis Tie


White Mitosis Tie
White Mitosis Tie


DNA Wooden Tie Box


Tie BoxItem SKU: BOX1

Here is the best gift box for a DNA tie that we have ever seen. Solid wood, imprinted with the DNA man and lined in black velvet. These are particularly well made gift boxes. In fact, we will guaranteed that you will not find a better made box anywhere - nor a more impressive presentation piece. These are not only well made, but are VERY reasonably priced.

Wooden Tie Box


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