X & Y Chromosome

X & Y ChrmosomeItem SKU: JEWL19

Fantastic pins. You will love the size and sheen to these chromosomes. As you know, XX, female and Xy, male. They are 1 inch by .5 inch (except the Y - of course, it is about .6 inches). Attractive and very unusual - you will find these only at The DNA Store.

We fell in love the moment they crossed our designers minds. After much discussion, we all decided that these would be fun to wear, fun to give and fun to just have. Make your mark, make your distinction, make your statement with these pins. Affordable by everyone, this would be good for you or even your class after a thorough understanding of the structure/function of these magnificent structures. This rather cool to be able to offer.

$3.95 or an X or Y
or $6.95 for a pair

X & Y Chrmosome
X & Y Chrmosome
X & Y Chrmosome
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